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3 Gift Ideas for the DIY Enthusiast


Do you know someone who loves to DIY as much as they can? Interests may range from knitting blankets to building a custom treehouse or even rebuilding an engine, but, regardless, you notice they love to use their own hands and further develop their skills whenever the opportunity strikes. Birthdays and holidays are great times to show this special person that you notice their talented passions. The Answer Man here at C&C Farm and Home has some gift ideas for the do-it-yourself enthusiast you know: 

Protective Clothing 

Take it from me that your DIY friend or family member most likely gets messy fairly often, so their wardrobe can take a serious hit. Work gloves, an apron, hat, goggles, and bibs are just a few ideas that your enthusiast will be enthusiastic to receive. Look for items that are specific to their past projects, because most likely those clothing items that they wore then could use replacing. Consider weather and climate if many of their activities take place outside, and keep the receipt in case it doesn’t fit so that they can return it. Choosing a store with a customer-friendly return policy is smart. 


This item can get expensive, so use discretion when deciding on a tool or toolset to gift. These items don’t have to break the bank. Think of tools that need replacing often due to wear and tear or going missing, such as measuring tape, a level, sockets, or a gardening spade. Once you decide on a theme for your gift, you can find other similar items to match the handyman, the car mechanic, or the gardener, for example. Don’t forget the baskets and bags that hold these tools, too. A new tool bag or box will entice them to fill it with new gadgets and get to work! 

DIY Kits 

If you really want to get creative or more inspirational for your project-lover, consider making or buying a DIY kit. Many stores carry these, spanning from crafts to food and drink to carpentry. Ask a store clerk if there are any pre-made do-it-yourself kits or if they have any ideas on a kit you can make yourself; something tells me that a self-made gift basket would be greatly appreciated by your recipient. Last, but not least, a gift card to your local hardware or craft store can go great lengths. The anticipation in seeing what they do themselves with your gift will be, in return, a gift in itself. 

Whether it’s clothes, tools, or DIY kits, the Answer Man and your friends at C&C Farm and Home know DIY and can help you find the perfect gift. Stop by and ask our experts about our current specials on these items for your DIY guru and more.