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Simple DIY Projects Most People Can Do


The weather is warming up a little and it’s time to start thinking about fun outdoor DIY projects! If you’re looking for some fun, simple projects you can get done in a weekend, consider doing one or more of these projects:  

Start a Compost  

Do you want to reduce the amount of waste your household produces? Consider building a compost! Compost will help your household manage waste, and you can use it as fertilizer in your garden when it’s ready! If you want to build a compost, we recommend setting up a corner of your yard that’s away from your house (it can get a little smelly). Consider building a fence around the area you’ll use for composting or putting your compost in a box so animals can’t get in it and make a mess.   

To start your compost, you will need carbon-rich brown material (dried leaves, twigs, coffee grounds, etc.) and nitrogen-rich green material (food scraps, grass clippings, etc.). You’ll need to wet and mix the compost bin regularly to help the decomposition process. If you want extra help, consider incorporating worms into your compost. Composting worms will help aerate the soil and break down materials quicker and provide an even more nutrient-rich fertilizer!   

Build Some Raised Planter Beds  

Building some raised planter beds can take your garden to the next step! There is plenty of different ways to build your planter beds and you can use various materials from wood to concrete! You can also repurpose old pieces like bathtubs and even tires to make planter beds! Make sure you station your planter beds in an area that will get adequate sunlight for the plants you are planning to grow.   

When you’re done building your planter beds, you should line it with a garden bed liner so burrowers like voles can’t get under your planter box and eat the fruit (and veggies) of your labor! Use topsoil to fill the bottom and then spread a good amount of planter soil and fertilizer (you’ll eventually be able to use your own that you make from your compost!). Planter beds have many benefits like making it easier on your back and deterring small critters from rummaging through your plants!  

Paint Your Front Door a Fun Color  

Have you ever thought about painting your front door a fun color like red or yellow? A bright pop of color makes any home look more fun! All you need is paint that is suitable for the wear and tear of the outdoors and a paintbrush or two!   

If you’re going to paint the door, you may want to take the door off its hinges and wipe it down with a wet rag. The paint will go on smoother if you sand it down! Be sure to cover any windows so you don’t get paint on them. When your door is done drying, just put it back on the hinges and admire your new fun-colored door!  

Reupholster Old, Worn-Out Furniture   

If you have any older furniture that is worse for wear, consider reupholstering it to give it a facelift! All you need to do is find a fabric you like, a staple gun, and maybe some new padding if the cushions are uncomfortable. Just make sure you have enough of the fabric of your choice so you don’t run out! Hold the fabric taut over the cushion and staple it! It’s pretty easy. Now you have fresh, fabulous “new” furniture!  

Do you need any supplies for your weekend project? Give us a call and we’ll see if we can help you out!