The Answer Man

The Answer Man

Welcome to The Answer Man blog. This is where you will find various information about new products C & C is carrying as well as tips and tricks for all your farm and home activities! I am full of information, that's why they call me The Answer Man! I look forward to sharing all I know with those of you who care to listen.

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The Answer Man

How to Start a Veggie Garden


The weather is getting warmer, so it’s time to start […]

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Five Tips for Landscaping on a Budget


¬†Everyone wants their home to look nice. Sprucing up your […]

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All About Deck Staining


Staining your deck adds a layer of protection between the […]

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cows grazing in a field

How to Keep Your Farm Animals Safe and Healthy


If your livestock is your livelihood, then you should want […]

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5 Things You Should Never DIY: Home Projects to Leave to the Pros


There are some home projects that are best left to […]

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Three DIY Projects to Do This Weekend


Do it yourself projects, often referred to as DIY projects, […]

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