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Three DIY Projects to Do This Weekend


Do it yourself projects, often referred to as DIY projects, are a big topic for various individuals. Whether it be that creating something with your own hands is gratifying or adding your own unique spin to the project. Some DIY projects seem scary with a timeline lasting several weeks to months, but there are some that can even be completed in the timeframe of a single weekend! If that sounds more up your alley, let’s go over three different DIY projects that you could handle this weekend!  

Small Garden Path 

Do you have a small garden in your backyard? Maybe you’re looking to create a garden! Either way, an easy DIY project to enhance your yard is with a garden path! If you are planning to make a small garden path, this would be a perfect weekend project. If you seek the quickest and most affordable option, mulch would be our suggestion. However, if you want to upgrade existing path gravel, bluestone, or brick can increase the appeal of any garden with a little more time. Another way to upgrade an existing path would be to add edging materials made of metal, stone, or brick. A quick way to give your garden path a brand-new feel.  

Create a Firepit 

Staying warm by a fire on a chilly night is always a delightful activity, even more so with close friends. Creating your own firepit is the perfect way to achieve this! An easy way to create a firepit is to get a metal ring, gravel, and stones from your local hardware store. The best part of creating your own firepit is the custom ability! You can select rocks or stones that best fit your lifestyle and your personal style. With your own firepit, you can have a lovely relaxing evening with friends, make smores, and enjoy a warm drink while embracing the cool weather of the night.  

Welcome Wildlife with a Bird Feeder 

Did you know that you could invite smaller wildlife around your home with wildflowers and bird feeders? If you have recently finished a carton of milk, juice, or even a water bottle, you can turn those items into bird feeders to hang up in your yard! With the help of an Exacto knife and some ribbon, you can make some beautiful décor for your outdoor space while also lending a hand to the birds that live close by.  

Do you need supplies for any of your DIY projects? Come visit C+C Farm and Home for anything you may need!